Striving and thriving in the manufacturing of bridge, crown and implant abutments:

Modern Methods Dental Restoration Laboratory, locally owned and operated by the Capps Family, is one of the longest established dental labs in Wichita, Kansas. In 2016 we invested in 3-shape and milling technology in order to reduce turnaround by as much as 50%. We maintain personal service for all custom dental restorative requests for crowns, bridges and implant abutments. No case is too complex for our certified dental laboratory technicians. They receive training both in house and from the NADL (National Association of Dental Laboratories).

Beginning in 2015, we named Tyler Capps as our new President and invested in a new lab wide training initiative to adopt Lean Manufacturing production to improve our workflow production standards. “I am committed to invest in new technologies and Visual Lean Training to improve production standards and turnaround time.”  Tyler Capps

Determined to maintain product focus:

“We  are committed in producing quality restorations.  This includes designing functionally appropriate crowns, bridges and implant abutments. As one of the most experienced labs in the industry, we believe every case needs our full attention as we start every day with professionalism and teamwork. We are strong stewards of our industry and have a zero tolerance of health risks, as we are committed to maintain work standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)”, according to Tyler Capps, President of Modern Methods.

Our Values:

Modern Methods Dental Restoration, Crown and Bridge Laboratory strives to achieve four central tenets:

  1. Quality care for every case following lean process production standards and safety
  2. Work – life balance for all employees
  3. Adhere to high standards in technical innovation to support functional design and aesthetics.
  4. Commitment of employees to follow standard work rules and terms.“We value every Dentist and Patient“




Tyler Capps

President of Modern Methods Dental Lab